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Collage of different pictures of people with disabilities with GCDD logo

Telling Our Stories

GCDD’s Storytelling Project paints a picture of the complex systems of support that enable people with developmental disabilities to live their best lives. Spanning Georgia’s 56 state senate districts, these stories feature at least one individual who resides in each
Photo of Todd and Alan Schatten caring for a horse.

The Boys

Everyone in their family, and most other people who know them, refer to Todd and Alan Schatten as “The Boys.” With an easy smile and an even easier manner, they are two of the nicest men you will ever meet.
Caucasian man holding a younger caucasian girl in his arms.

Communicating with People First

People First Language (PFL) is a way of communicating that reflects knowledge and respect for people with disabilities by choosing words that recognize the person first and foremost as the primary reference and not his or her disability Geared towards
Picture of parking lot and green street sign that says G.I.V.E Center

Gwinnett SToPP Hosts Workshop on Black Boys, Special Education and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

After a pattern of behavioral misconduct, students in the Gwinnett County Public Schools system are often sent to the Gwinnett Intervention Education (GIVE) Center East. Located on Hi Hope Road just off State Route 316, the alternative school sits directly
Photo of Charlie Miller in a green banner.

Meet Charlie Miller, GCDD’s New Legislative Advocacy Director

As the legislative advocacy director, Charlie Miller leads the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) in its community engagement and advocacy efforts in the state legislature. He also works alongside Georgians with disabilities and other stakeholders to build coalitions around
Purple banner with the GCDD Advocacy Days Logo on the right.

2020 Advocacy Days are Here!

Join the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) at the Georgia State Capitol in downtown Atlanta during the 2020 legislative session to learn about policies affecting people with disabilities, and join advocates from across the state in speaking with elected