Your Vote Counts!

Georgians will head to the polls in November to cast ballots for candidates in the general election. There are several seats that candidates are eagerly pursuing and seeking your vote. As demonstrated in the 2018 gubernatorial election, and even more

Get Out the Disability Vote: Disability Rights Advocates Prepare Community for November Elections

Disability rights advocates across the state of Georgia are getting ready for the November elections. Leaders in the disability community are working to ensure that every voter with disabilities is registered, educated, and prepared to exercise their right to vote.
Two children playing doctor with a cat with the text COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

School is out. Summer is here. People are enjoying time at the pool or finding places to stay cool. Day programs are open, vacations are being taken, and summer camps are in full effect. People are ready for COVID-19 to
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The State of Inclusive Education in Georgia: A Conversation with Leslie Lipson

As students head back to school, education is top of mind for parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. While special education provides opportunities for students to excel, there are often many obstacles that families and students face when
Real World Experiences

Real World Work Experiences Enable Inclusive College Students at Columbus State University to Emerge as Workforce Leaders

Students enrolled in the GOALS program at Columbus State University (CSU) are getting critical opportunities for real work experiences at the start of their inclusive college careers. Guidance and Opportunities for Academic and Leadership Success (GOALS) at CSU is a

Tips for Finding the Right Summer Camp for your Child with Developmental Disabilities

Summer is a time when children get a break from rigorous school schedules and academics. They usually have more time for self-directed, play-based activities that fit their strengths and interests. For parents of children with developmental disabilities, it can be