Communicating with People First

People First Language (PFL) is a way of communicating that reflects knowledge and respect for people with disabilities by choosing words that recognize the person first and foremost as the primary reference and not his or her disability

Geared towards everyday communication and for media outlets, the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) developed a People
First style guide to promote the usage of People First Language that can be applied to everyday use by professionals and the general public.

In PFL, emphasis is placed on the person first, rather than the disability, thereby putting the focus and subject on the person.

The graphic on this page displays some simple ways to incorporate PFL in everyday use.

For more information and the complete style guide, visit GCDD’s People First page.

Not all people with disabilities agree on which language or terminology is preferred.
Individuals will vary as to how they refer to themselves and how they would like you to refer to them.