Advocacy in Georgia Heats Up in the Summer!

Uniting for Change self-advocates will continue their work during the summer months this year. Many will work hard to advocate for voting rights for the disability community in Georgia. 

Uniting for Change will also be represented throughout Georgia by getting involved with the 2024 Caravan for Disability Justice and Freedom. The Caravan kicked off its national campaign in April. It will continue through October 2024 to travel across the country in a red, white, and blue flag-wrapped caravan, stopping in cities and communities along the way, including Georgia cities, to raise awareness about issues facing the nation’s disability community. For more information about the Caravan: 

Self-advocates will also facilitate Zoom workshops on topics like supported decision making and voting throughout the summer months and participate in the Statewide Area Network Meeting on supported employment in June. Visit the Uniting for Change website’s calendar for all our upcoming workshops and other learning opportunities:

Leadership Collective Member John McCarty says his advocacy efforts will continue to include letters to Georgia legislators, voting rights advocacy, and work around supported decision making.

Tamika Woods is a member of the Middle Georgia Area Leadership Collective and she, along with other self-advocates in the area, will be hosting the “See Me Hear Me Advocacy Group” community meeting on July 24, 2024. The topic will be “Supported vs. Informed Decision Making.” The meeting will be at 10:00 am at 175 Emery Highway, Ocmulgee Room, Macon, GA 31217. The group is discussing partnering with Waves Autism Center to offer advocacy support and education.

Woods will also be participating in direct care staff interviews and developing a training program for them to understand supports and expectations from the point of view of the person supported, along with helping to plan and implement Peer Mentor training for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The training will be developed over the summer and begin in the fall. She is a busy lady!

Derek Heard, our resident graphic artist, is also busy promoting his business, Derek Doodles, and presenting across the country about topics he is passionate about – voting and self-advocacy! Visit Derek’s website to learn more about his work:

Of course, there will be some fun thrown in, as many self-advocates have saved their money and will be taking vacations or cruises with friends and/or families. 

We wish everyone a fabulous summer, and remember to always RISE UP and SPEAK OUT!